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Unique Reward Solutions

REM Solutions is a specialist remuneration consultancy providing advisory and reward design services to a broad spectrum of clients.  In delivering solutions to clients, particular focus is placed on:

  • remuneration strategy and structure, translating strategic and performance objectives into reward design;
  • data-driven support for reward decisions, combining data and visual analytics to enhance reward decision-making for boards and executives.

About Matthew Melville

Matthew Melville has more than two decades of Corporate and HR Management experience, the majority of this as Group Head of Reward for a JSE Top 50 group of companies with employee costs in excess of R2 bn.

Matthew is one of approximately 40 Reward professionals who are accredited by the South African Reward Association as a Master Reward Specialist, the highest professional designation awarded to remuneration practitioners in South Africa.

His experience spans all aspects of remuneration, with particular focus on integrating components to drive individual and organisational performance.

Matthew is an Executive and Management Remuneration specialist, having designed and implemented a number of executive reward products, including bonus and shares schemes. He has also implemented sales incentives and annual bonus schemes within a number of clients.

Matthew’s passion lies in applying a blend of deep Reward knowledge with Business Intelligence and Big Data principles to enable improved reward decision-making by leaders within organisations.

Matthew Melville

Managing Director

B. Business Science (Hons) UCT
Accredited Master Reward Specialist (SARA)

Master HR Practitioner: Reward  (SABPP)
M. Inst Directors

Mobile +27 83 324 0593
Office  +27 21 685 0809


Reward, Performance and Talent Audit

A reward, performance and talent audit is a data-driven and structured, analytical assessment and audit of your reward structure and processes, particularly how this integrates with individual performance and talent. It ensures that every aspect of your organisation’s reward is:

  • purposeful and deliberate
  • cost effective
  • linked to results and improving profitability
  • retaining the right talent

This provides HR leadership with a clear, evidence-based view of:

  • where reward spend is most effective
  • where reward is ineffective: identifying “leaks” in the organisation’s reward spend and opportunities to optimise the links between reward, performance and talent.
  • proposed solutions to maximise reward effectiveness

Retention of key talent is a focus, ensuring that your structures ensure the retention of your best talent.

Bespoke Benchmarking

Reward governance and decision-making increasingly rely on a data-driven and evidence-based approach. REM Solutions provides tailored remuneration benchmarking, particularly for executive and specialist roles. Executive Director and Prescribed Officer benchmarks provide remuneration committees with specific and focused industry comparisons, giving  comprehensive feedback and guidance on remuneration levels, structure and potential earnings. This includes:

  • guaranteed remuneration
  • short-term incentives: realised and potential earnings
  • long-term incentives: realised and potential earnings
  • long term incentive award values
  • long-term incentive structures and performance criteria
  • specific executive remuneration structures, such as deferral, clawback and malus provisions

Visual analytics tools are used to provide clear insights and decision-support.

Similarly, bespoke benchmarking provides remuneration committees and HR management with feedback and guidance on identified key roles and comparison companies, to provide guidance on both remuneration levels and structures.

Visual Reward Insights

This unique solution brings Big Data principles into all aspects of HR HR. It creates compelling and persuasive decision-support for leaders, by moving away from simply analysing data to integrating data to create new insights for leaders. HR, Talent, Reward and Business data, combined and distilled.

Incentive Effectiveness Modelling

Tests and demonstrates the effectiveness of the reward-performance link, and incentive spend

Pay Discrimination Analysis

Manages reputation risk and tests for ethical reward practices, particularly with the newly legislated pay discrimination definitions and processes.

Reward Coaching

One-on-one coaching on reward structure and design for an HR or Reward specialist, integrated with your own company’s reward structures. Includes an assessment of reward structures as input into coaching.

Reward Training

In-house, customised sessions for HR Managers and HR Business Partners, integrating your own company’s reward structures with all reward components covered. These sessions focus not only on content, but on how reward components integrate and what their purpose is for the business.

Reward Advisory or Leadership

An insourced Reward leadership and planning role on a project or retainer basis, or remuneration committee advice.

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